Heroic Student of KVTC, Yasir Mumtaz a Special Child Fights Back Against Armed Robbers


Karachi(PR) Street crime has become a problem, people don’t fight robbers out of fear, said Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan. The special child student of Karachi Vocational Training Center fought back the robbers and recovered the goods stolen from his mother and sister, the family along with Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan addressed the press conference.Karachi (Staff Reporter): Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan, the CEO of Karachi Vocational Training Center, said that street crime has become a scourge of the society which the government has failed to stop. In schools and institutions usually there is no training for self-defense, but the special student Yasir Mumtaz, who received training in Taekwondo at the Karachi Vocational Training Center, not only fought back the robbers but also saved his mother and his sister.Currently, the situation in the city of Quaid is critical and if the politicians don’t stop their petty fights and non-serious actions, I’m seeing people coming to the streets. He expressed these thoughts on Wednesday at the Karachi Press Club with the student of KVTC, Yasir Mumtaz a special child, his mother and sister, teacher Samina Aziz, Director Rehabilitation of KVTC Amir Shahab, Director  Administration Farheen Amir, Principal KVTC Sana Ayaz, Sabeen Waqar and Instructor Muhammad Siddique while addressing the press conference.Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan said that the sad thing is that robbers killed 10 people in last 6 days and a businessman was killed for resisting the robbery in front of his wife and child. The question is that the politicians are busy with each other and robbers are playing with the lives of the citizens. I ask these politicians when there will be no country and no people in it, then what will be left for them to rule, he said.Nowadays, no one is safe in the city. Everyday many get robbed off their properties. People find themselves helpless against these street criminals. But Yasir defended himself and his mother and sister bravely. It was the skills he had received during his taekwondo trainings at KVTC and the self-confidence he has gained through different sports competition, that he made the decision to fight back the robbers and kept his mother and sister safe.The government should take measures and reward those who stand against the evil in the society bravely so that the spirit of bravery is instilled and encouraged.Director Rehabilitation Amir Shahab said that KVTC is providing vocational training as well as physical training to special children, Yasir Mumtaz who had won the gold medal in Japan in a Taekwondo competition among 24 countries, was going in a rickshaw with his mother and sister when suddenly the rickshaw broke down on the Jam Sadiq Bridge. Two motorcyclists came and tried to rob them off their jewellery, money and mobile phones at gunpoint. That time, Yasir bravely came close to the armed robber and used his taekwondo skills against him, causing one to fall down and throw away the belongings. The robbers had understood that the boy they came across was not an ordinary boy, Yasir looked at his mother and said that the rescuer was Allah.Yasir’s mother Mrs. Mumtaz, said that Yasir insisted that he would not give the mobile phones to the robbers, but when they put a pistol on his head I asked Yasir to give them the mobile. Suddenly Yasir kicked one of the robber, on which they ran away, Yasir also ran after them. Yes, he came to this institution at the age of 9 and now he is 20 years old. Later, Yasir along with his instructor told the media how he fought the robbers.


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