Conspiracy being hatched to topple Punjab govt: Imran Khan


CHISHTIAN: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday claimed that a conspiracy was being hatched to topple the Punjab government, adding that “Mr X and Mr Y” were also issuing threats to him.Speaking during a jalsa in Chishtian, Punjab, Khan said that a new political conspiracy was unfolding in the country in a bid to topple the Pervez Elahi-led Punjab government.Addressing the crowd, the former premier said that Chishtian was not a stronghold of the PML-N as it claims, rather the party’s political centre was the city of London. “Overseas Pakistanis work hard to send remittances to the country but these people [PML-N leaders] steal money from the country and send it abroad,” he said, adding that the entire Sharif family was living in London and only visits Pakistan to earn money here.He said that unless there was justice in the country, there would be no prosperity, adding that he saw big decoits in the National Assembly but petty thieves in jails.

“We make the country’s biggest robbers prime ministers. Today’s ruling the country today have been robbing the country for 30 years,” he reiterated.

Khan once again accused the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and said that the body was a “pet of the coalition government.”


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