Restaurants have Completely Occupied the Park and Green Belt in the Limits of Gujranwala Development Authority.


Gujranwala (Report: Sajid Virk ) Under the auspices of Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA) management, Trust Plaza and GDA boundaries in Model Town have been encroached upon, the roofs of GDA Plaza started leaking due to monsoon rains.The owners and staff of the offices established in Trust Plaza are facing serious difficulties, business activities are badly affected. The restaurants established in Model Town are occupying the market park and green belt, citizens are facing difficulties in transportation, Model Town.
The traffic system in the market is chaotic.Trust Plaza is in bad condition, there is a risk of collapsing in case of earthquake. Renovation of the offices of GDA officers from the funds received for the repair of Trust Plaza.According to the details, looting, corruption and financial irregularities in the government institutions of Gujranwala have broken all records of corruption.There are big restaurants in GDA limits Trust Plaza and Model Town Main Market with the connivance of the management.Due to which there is a lot of encroachment. These restaurants have completely occupied the park and green belt of Model Town Market.. Due to which not only the citizens are facing problems in transportation but also the traffic system in Model Town is badly affected.Not only the officers and employees of GDA receive regular allowances from the restaurants established in Model Town Market but also invite them to these restaurants.Going from GT Road to Model Town Market, you will see a long line of encroachments. This is not possible without the blessings and patronage of GDA administration. Monsoon rains are continuing across the country.Gujranwala is also in the grip of heavy rain these days and GDA’s own Plaza (Trust Plaza) is not safe in these rains.It should be noted that apart from GDA offices, there are other offices and business centers including offices of journalists, lawyers and travel agencies in Trust Plaza.Due to the monsoon rains, the roofs of the poorly constructed Trust Plaza started leaking, making it difficult for people to come to the offices.The condition of Trust Plaza has deteriorated to such an extent that a minor earthquake can turn it into a pile of mud.On the other hand, the GDA officers are using the funds received for the renovation of Trust Plaza to renovate their offices.. Dear readers, more than this, with the connivance of this institution, the public is being robbed in the name of housing society on a large scale, which will be published in the next report.


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