Administrator District Council Karachi Noor Hasan Jokhio said that we are grateful to Allah who created us in a free country


KARACHI ( (TNL Reporter):Administrator District Council Karachi Noor Hasan Jokhio said that we are grateful to Allah who created us in a free country. Freedom is the great blessing of God, the value of which is known better to those who do not have it. I was born for which millions of our elders sacrificed their livesWe are free only because of sacrifices, we should value our homeland and play our role in its development and development, for which we all have to work together. Where he is creating new histories of oppression, we are in this difficult timeKashmiris are with our brothers, we assure them that we will do everything for their freedom, the time of India’s destruction is near, their missiles and planes will soon become the adornment of museums. We will definitely be victorious, our beloved country Pakistan is blessed with every blessing of natureWealth is here, the four seasons with all their blessings, agriculture, minerals, reservoirs, mountains, seas, all the enviable bounties of the world are here in abundance, we have to promote the thought that we have What has been given to the country, today is the day of renewal of pledge and faith, let us take Pakistan to this position and rank. should do, in which all the nations of the world should do their best in front of Pakistan’s decisions, strengthen the country economically so that our country can support the world financially. Well, we have seen in the past that we have achieved the goal we have soughtIt is in this where every member of the society has to fulfill his responsibility and the role of the youth is the most important. Instead of giving preference to going abroad after obtaining higher education, he should express his talents in his homeland. He said during his address at the flag hoisting ceremony. On this occasion, Chief Officer Ayaz Hameed Baloch, Director Admin Sharif Sheikh, Administrator Shah Mureed Rizwan Saber, Purchase Officer Mujtaba Khan, Director Sensation Mushtaq Mattoo, Director Property Wasimullah Siddiqui, Council Officer Mujibur Rahman, Tax Officer Mumtaz Anwar, Law Officer Ahad Sheikh, former district member Adnan Arain, Maulana Akhtar Memon, RajaGhulam Mustafa Bhatti district staff, and others were also present. In order to celebrate the Independence Day in a grand manner, District Council Karachi organized various programs which include football exhibition match, bicycle race, donkey cart, race, fireworks. Apart from this, the main building of the District Council was decorated in a modern style with electric lampsWho made day in night.


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