Another crushing burden on consumers Rs.11.37 increase per unit in August bills


( (TNL Reporter) Himalayan burden on consumers of Rs. 155 bn
NEPRA approved Rs. 11.37 per unit additional fuel cost adjustment for KE Rs. 9.90 for Discos
Millions of Pakistanis who are already crushed by unprecedented inflation’s and price hike now have to bear more himaliyan burden as NEPRA approved Rs. 11.37 for KE and Rs. 9.90 for Discos. In this way people have to extra Rs. 155 bn. These higher electricity charges are going to be included in August bills. Despite the worst performance of mostly state owner enterprises their officers enjoy perks and privileges, ministers, governor’s, CMs, PM, president all have been spent billions with luxurious vehicles, residences and other facilities while poor segments of society are deprived from subsidies and put the extra burden on them. People have to pay double than what they paid in July.


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