KE Big fraud against People of Karachi


KARACHI: ( (TNL Reporter) KE earns millions of rupees by committing a fraud with Karachittes.It is beyond expression how K Electric is playing gimmick with people of Karachi. It issued a press release that due to heavy rain in Karachi the bills having last date of 25th July, 2022 could be paid now on 26th July, 2022 without any late charges. It is to dismay of the people that when they went to bank they refused to deposit the amount without late charges and received extra charges with the name of late deposit of bills. In this way KE earned millions of rupees from people of Karachi and put extra burden on them. It was very painful and annoying for the people who most of them are salaried people. At the one hand traders are protesting against illegal, inhumane retailers’ tax while at the other hand this fraud increased their anxiety and agony.  People appealed to the Ministry of Power to take the notice against this illegal act of KE and to have pity on the people as they are already having  Himalayan burden of extremely expensive electricity and exorbitant charges while bearing long unscheduled load shedding, hide and seek, which has effected their productivity, creativity and ruined their mantle peace and disturbed their family life. People appealed to the authority to take notice of this injustice and issue necessary instructions to KE management to adjust the additional amount in next bills.


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