KDA is strengthening the public communication department. Muhammad Ali Shah


KARACHI: (www.thenewslark.com) (TNL Reporter) After several years of efforts, a capable and consistent DG has been appointed in KDA, for which the Provincial Local Government Minister deserves congratulations because before the appointment of Muhammad Ali Shah, the employees of the organization were deprived of their salaries for several months and the institution used to ask for funds from the provincial government for the salary every month for the appointment of Muhammad Ali Shah.
Later, not only the long-standing issue of salaries was resolved, but KDA has now been able to stand on its own feet to a large extent. The recovery of Karachi Development Authority has improved and KDA’s land worth billions of rupees has been handed over from Hizbal Group, which has also faced resistance from the land mafia but DG KDA faced all these situations when KDA land could not be vacated due to fear of resistance in the past. DG KDA Muhammad Ali Shah finally took notice of the practically inactive mass media department and decided to appoint an experienced and hardworking officer to strengthen this department. After consultation with the senior officers of the institution, he has selected the officer for the public communication department.
In this regard, the officers of KDA say that steps are being taken to strengthen the department, then this will be a very welcome move. According to sources, Akram Sattar, the former deputy director of the public relations department, who has served for a long time in the public relations department, is considered to be a strong candidate for this post.


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