Inflation, load-shedding result of PTI govt’s faulty policies: Kh Asif


SIALKOT:Federal Minister for Defence Khwaja Muhammad Asif said on Sunday that people were suffering from inflation and load-shedding due to faulty policies of the previous Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government. “We have inherited inflation, which is the result of wrong policies of the previous government,” he said while talking to the media during his visit to newly-constructed Shahabpura flyover here. The federal minister said: “We are fully aware of inflation and the fact that oil, gas and coal prices are at all-time high, but we are determined that we will be able to overcome the crises.” He said that election would be held in 2023 for which the PML-N would go to people and then the people would decide who should rule the country. The federal minister said that national institutions supported Imran Khan’s government for four years in the hope that he would start delivering and serving masses, but he failed badly. He said the PML-N had also respected the law and Constitution of the country. Kh Asif said that the national institutions wanted to stay within their constitutional limits, but regrettably Imran Khan wanted to divide them. He said that even the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decisions, given in accordance with the Constitution, were not acceptable to him [Imran Khan]. He wanted to weaken the nuclear power Pakistan and its institutions. He said all doors of power were closing on Imran Khan one after the other. About the flyover project, Kh Asif said that Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif would visit Sialkot soon and formally inaugurate the Shahabpura flyover project. He said that the project was started by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government, and it was also completed by the PML-N. He said: “I am grateful to all departments concerned and local authorities for their efforts to complete the project.” He said that the previous PTI government, in its almost four-year tenure, did not lay even a single brick in Sialkot district. However, due to special efforts of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz, the project had been completed now. He regretted that the project had been put on hold during the last four years. The defence minister said that the project was very important for Sialkot and its residents. The flyover would significantly improve the traffic flow in Sialkot city, he added. He announced that an underpass would also be constructed from KFC stop to Kotli-Bahram Chowk for smooth flow of traffic in the city.


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