Lack of absolute awareness of traffic rules and negligence leads to fatal accidents on the roads. Lack of awareness of traffic rules and regulations is a major cause of accidents. Superintendent of Patrolling Police Madam Huma Naseeb.


( (Lahore: TNL Reporter)
According to the details: On the orders of Additional IGP PHP Riaz Nazirgarh, DIG Sarfraz Ahmed Falaki and on the special instructions of SP Patroling Madam Huma Naseeb, Punjab Highway Patrolling Police is performing its duties as first responder in case of accidents and crimes.
An awareness walk was organized at General Bus Stand in which transport owner Rana Mehran also participated. Sub-Inspector Rauf Hassan said that overloading should be controlled so that accidents on highways could be controlled.For items that are wider than the vehicle, its length and width does not exceed the usual limits. For carrying such items, determine its length and width limits only by red flag during the day and only by red light at night. Especially in overloading.
Includes tractor trolleys and rickety rickshaws that do not determine overloaded luggage, including loads of gutters, girders and other dangerous items! Use the road without safety precautions and cause accidents.
Legal action is being taken against them in collaboration with PHP Police, Motorway Police and City Traffic Police. Sub-Inspector Rauf Hassan also installed slow moving vehicles with reflectors. Finally, Transport Owner Rana Mehran thanked Madam Humansib
Is it important to have such a program in the future so that the driver as well as the general public can realize its seriousness?
Any help can be obtained by calling 1124.


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