Lollywood’s news Urdu feature film “Kamli” conquering the box office, earned more than 20 million in first week.



Houseful shows continue in all the multiplex cinemas of the country especially .

Lahore (CUE) Q Cinema By : ( (Staff Reporter)The story of Pakistani film industry’s new film “Kamli” and the brilliant performances of the star cast have captivated the audience. At the box office, too, the film continues to fly high and doing outstanding business. Released on June 3, “Kamli” has done great business in multiplex cinemas in all cities of the country, including Lahore, Karach and Islamabad. According to film circles, the audience ha especially appreciated the story, dialogues and lively performances of Saba Qamar.

According to analysts, Kamli’s business model is growing in the style of Sarmad Sultan Khoosat’s previous film Award winning film Manto, which was well-received by audiences and film circles alike. Similarly, Kamli breathed new life into Pakistani film business and in the next one or two weeks, Kamli will break the business record of other Pakistani films released on Eid-ul-Fitr and become the highest grossing Pakistani film this year.

Kamli is being screened in Pakistani cinemas on the platform of Distribution Club. Sheikh Abid Rasheed, Executive Director, Distribution Club, said that “Kamli” has been well received bym the youth and families and it is among those rare Pakistani film which has repeat value, If someone watches “Kamli” once, he definitely comes again enjoys the movie with other friends and. Family.l


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