Future Fest Founder Arzish Azam represents Pakistan at BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai


KARACHI: Arzish Azam is a leading advocate for blockchain in Pakistan, and a Former Adviser to the Ministry of Science and Technology on Emerging Technologies. In collaboration with them he hosted Pakistan’s first ever Blockchain Summit; Future Fest, inviting BSV Blockchain to Pakistan along with a meeting with the President, where the premier announced the call to form a National Blockchain Strategy. This led to him being invited to speak at BSV’s Global Blockchain Convention. Arzish took the stage in Dubai, explaining that as the 5th largest country in the world, Pakistan is currently housing a booming tech industry, and with a tech base as big as its current one, Pakistan cannot afford to miss out on the blockchain opportunity – especially due to its geographical closeness to Dubai which now serves as the ‘crypto capital’ of the world. Founding President of the BSV Blockchain Jimmy Nguyen stated “Our Global BSV blockchain delegation was highly impressed by the energy and vision of Future Fest: to empower Pakistan’s young generation to fulfill their and the nation’s technology potential as if there are no limits upon what they can achieve. While the sentiment to support emerging industries was shared by Pakistan’s Finance Minister Miftah Ismail in his keynote concluding the final session of Future Fest on 16 May. According to some statistics, from March 2021 – 2022, Pakistan alone has traded around $18.60 billion in crypto-currency and has as many as 20 million users whereas registered investors in stock exchange are a mere 220,000. The legality of crypto trading is unclear in Pakistan, but still the crypto market has been rapidly growing.




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