Extreme Corruption in Gujranwala institutions!


(www.thenewslark.com) (By: Sajid Virk)

Everybody cries for inflation in Pakistan. There is no doubt that the storm of inflation in the country has washed away the people’s endurance and morale. There is no opinion about inflation. In every era, the claimants to end inflation have increased it instead of reducing it. Corruption in our society is a bigger scourge than inflation in Pakistan. It has been recognized by dictators as well as elected governments. I remember very well that in the 80’s. Former Army Chief and President of Pakistan Zia-ul-Haq said in a ceremony that he knows that what used to be done at Rs. 5 is now being done at Rs 50.
These words of Zia-Ul-Haq are from four decades ago. Readers are well aware of the corruption that is taking place in the present era. Organized groups are left in a certain section in the city instead of performing their professional responsibilities, they play the role of middle man of the officers of these institutions, regular monthly tokens are issued. Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GAPCO) also has a hot market for large scale corruption.
It is a mafia organized in the name of the middle man who is associated with a certain service sector and deliberately uses it for his financial interests. It would be more accurate to say that this is his business. The tradition of corruption in government and semi-government institutions is not new but has progressed with the passage of time in other fields as well. These institutions have changed the method of collecting bribes. They have now invented a safe way through the mafia which makes them completely safe from anti-corruption, FIA and other threats, despite the laws of corruption, malpractice and irregularities in Pakistan.
Government institutions have failed to overcome the scourge of corruption, which has become inevitable. If left unchecked, inflation will not go down and we will not be able to eradicate other social evils.


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