‘Imran Khan violated SC’s directions,’ says Maryam Nawaz


LAHORE: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Wednesday said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan assured the Supreme Court of a peaceful protest but violated its directions.  Talking to journalists in Lahore, Maryam said that the SC will see how the “PTI trampled the court’s orders under its feet.”  She said that the party had a “safe passage for them if they had followed SC’s directions” but they chose not to do so. Maryam said that Khan was attacking the institutions and wanted to spread fitna and fasad.  “Don’t make it a tradition of ruling in favour of someone who issues threats,” she said while referring to the country’s top court. Criticising the former prime minister, the PML-N vice president said that Khan “backstabs his benefactors” and added that the “establishment held his finger and gave him the office but he is attacking it.”  She requested the institutions not let this fitna grow stronger and that he [Khan] should be dealt with as strictly as possible. “The solution to dealing with fitna is mentioned in the Quran. Maryam said that some PTI leaders met the government two days ago, asking for a safe exit and for a “give and take” deal, adding that those leaders contacted the speaker of the National Assembly today.  The PML-N vice president also talked about the PTI government’s “corruption” and said that there was a huge scandal related to the Liquefied natural gas (LNG) worth Rs122 billion.  “Everything will be revealed before the nation,” adding that millions of rupees were exchanged through Farah Gogi. “But Punjab took revenge on PML-N’s behalf for snatching its mandate.”



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