Imran announced long march on May 25 to sabotage govt-IMF talks, says Marriyum


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb says Imran Khan can scream, whine and cry as much as wants, but the next general election would be announced by the government in collaboration and consensus with all allies. Responding to Imran’s announcement of long march and demand for snap polls, Marriyum said Imran had no authority to dictate the dates of the next general election as it was the sole prerogative of the unity government and its allied parties. He cannot bully the government to announce general elections at a time of his choice with his threats, the minister stressed, adding if Imran was so fond of elections he should have announced them while he was desperately clinging onto power. She said Imran was returning to Islamabad once again with a new agenda of loot and plunder after looting the country and its people for four years. He is basically coming to Islamabad to apologize to the nation for his destructive failures, incompetence, corruption and disastrous 4-year rule, she added. “What exactly is this person coming to Islamabad for? The person who destroyed national economy and impoverished the nation; who stole people’s sugar, wheat, flour, medicine, gas, electricity and LNG; who devalued national currency from Rs 115 to Rs 189; who buried the country under Rs 45,000 billion fresh debt; crushed the nation under inflation and unemployment; mocked them with lies about 10 million jobs and 5 million homes; and who told the nation he did not care if edibles had become unaffordable under 16 percent inflation”, the Information Minister said. She said Imran’s announcement of the long march on May 25 was a direct effort to sabotage Pakistan’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Earlier speaking to a news channel, Marriyum said Imran had intentionally announced a bloody-March which showed how desperate he was to create anarchy in the country. This man is so blinded by his lust for power that he did not even care about triggering anarchy in the country if it served his purpose. She said PML-N and its allies in the unity government had a very good idea regarding the hooliganism and bullying tactics of Imran Khan and they would not let such hooliganism to hold Pakistan and Pakistanis hostage.



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