“PARC is boosting up beekeeping sector in Pakistan”. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Chairman PARC


Islamabad (Report By Faiza Shah kazmi) Declining population of Bees and Pollinators is a growing threat leading towards food insecurity and biodiversity issues, in this wake; World bee day was organized at National Agricultural Research Centre by Honeybee Research institute, on 20th May 2022. The event was attended by a huge gathering of beekeepers, farmers, and scientists. Chairman PARC Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali was chief guest of the event.
In his address, Chairman PARC Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, annotated that research based solution to the beekeeping industry is the prime function of PARC and in this regard Honeybee Research Institute has clear guidelines for future research on the clinical trials of the each floral honey to know its medical honey value. Chairman PARC, also told that due to efforts of PARC, Pakistan is now exporting honey to the world worth about 10 Million USD.
Dr. Rashid Mahmood Director HBRI, NARC/National Coordinator Honeybees welcomed the guest and briefed about the importance of world bee day and bees in our life along with current scenario of beekeeping in the country. Mr. Muhammad Ismail Country representative ICIMOD Pakistan, also addressed and shared ICIMOD success story on Apis cerana local conservation efforts made in collaboration with HBRI, NARC. He also showed keen interest to join hands with PARC to save bees in the country.
Member Natural Resources Division of PARC Dr. Shahid Maqsood Gill, also addressed the audience and shared his valuable remarks on importance of bees and their role in saving environment. He stressed on the focused strategy to conserve and save bees in the country.
Some beekeepers and farmers also showed their concerns over current challenges and issues to beekeeping in the country. Mr. Aftab Ahmed progressive beekeepers from Hasan Abdal briefly told the audience how beekeeping in facing issues of pesticides and climate change. Deforestation is causing huge loss to beekeeping industry in the country. There is dire need of plating bee flora in the country. Mr. Abdullah Chaudhry, a local beekeeper and vendor of beekeeping gadgets told that how NARC held him start beekeeping entrepreneurship.
Mr. Anwar Director API paid vote of thanks to all beekeepers, Chairman PARC and Scientific community for participation in the event. In the end a short walk for awareness to save bees was carried out


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