Put as many containers as you want, 2 million people will come to Islamabad: Imran Khan tells govt


ABBOTTABAD: With the PTI’s planned long march to Islamabad approaching, former prime minister Imran Khan told the Shehbaz Sharif-led government Sunday that two million people will come to the federal capital irrespective of how many containers are put up to create hindrances. “Our opponents say if the temperature is high, then people will not come out. Put as many containers as you want, but 2 million people will come to Islamabad,” the PTI chairman said while addressing a public gathering in Abbottabad. The former prime minister told his supporters that the incumbent government “fears” their passion and added that 11 parties had gathered to remove him from power. The PTI chairman claimed that when he and his supporters will come to Islamabad, the federal capital will fill up with the chants of  “imported hukomat na manzoor” (imported government unacceptable) and “we want real freedom”. Continuing his claim that the United States conspired to remove him from power, Imran Khan said that the incumbent leaders were involved in the process. “The Pakistani nation will not accept these leaders,” the PTI chairman claimed.  The former prime minister went on to say that he was “never ready to be part of the war on terror with the US and neither was he willing to give air bases to Washington.” “Americans wanted a leader like Pervez Musharraf who would have obeyed them upon receiving a single call,” Khan claimed. Turning his guns towards PM Shehbaz Sharif, the PTI chairman claimed that he was a “beggar, servant, and a thief”. “The lies that Sharif family have told, I have not seen anyone spread such lies ever before,” claimed the PTI chairman. He added that when the imported government came to power, the prices of all goods increased.  Khan also requested the media to go to shops and ask about the prices of ghee like they used to do when he was in power. The former premier said that the value of the US dollar against the Pakistani rupee increases when stolen money is sent abroad, adding that ever since the new government assumed power, the rupee’s value has been decreasing.


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