Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique today presided over meetings on current status of ML-1, development plans of railways and Rabta application.


ISLAMABAD: Presiding over the meeting on the latest situation of ML-1, the Federal Minister expressed concern over the fact that no work could be done on this important project in the last four years. “Where we left off, no progress has been made since then, even our special unit has been dismantled,” he said. The Railway Minister said that ML-1 is the lifeline of the railways. Giving instructions regarding the Special Purpose Vehicle, the Federal Minister said that it should be restored immediately and in the present circumstances, the railway administration should reset its priorities so that talks could be held with China in this regard. Presiding over the meeting regarding the Rabta application, the Federal Minister for Railways directed the authorities to review all the legal and technical aspects and submit its report. During the briefing on the development plans of the railways, the Minister urged not to make such a long wish list which is not feasible. Only make plans that can be completed, he added. During the meeting, the Federal Minister gave guidelines on rolling stock and infrastructure projects. Minister also sought details regarding the investment of railways in Gwadar, rail link from Basima to Gwadar and construction of railway station and railway terminal at Gwadar. After the meeting, Secretary Railways and Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Railways also got approved various appointments from the Minister.


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