Iranian CG calls for Muslim Unity show on Quds Day


KARACHI: Consul General of Iran, Hassan Nourian on Wednesday called upon the Muslim Umah to show solidarity with the oppressed Palestine Muslims on ‘Jummat-ul-Wida’, which was declared as ‘Quds Day’ in 1980 by the leader of Islamic revolution of Iran, Imam Khomeini. ‘ Quds Day’ now observed every year on the last Friday of the holy month of Raman-ul-Mubarak in more than 80 countries through the world , especially in Islamic countries i.e.Iran, Pakistan, India, Syria, Lebnon, Iraq, Afghanistan. It was aimed to express unity with Palestine Muslims fighting for their legal rights, he said while speaking to journalists at an interactive meeting and iftar-dinner reception , here at Iranian Consulate. He maintained that the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbalwere amongst the top leaders of the Islamic world who took similarposition on Al-Quds issue — aggression and occupation by Israel. In1938, he referred to, Quad-i-Azam described the slain Arabs in thestruggle against Israeli occupation as ‘ martyrs’ and he had stronglycondemned the then British Imperialism for its support toestablishment of an illegal regime in the territory of Palestine. Thisyear also witnessed that the occupying Zionist regime on sacred landof Palestine brutally attacked and injured a significant number ofMuslim worshippers and desecrated our first Qibla, the holy shrine ofmasjid Al-Aqsa. After establishment of Zionist Israeli regime, fourmillion Palestinians were still living in the worst conditions atcamps. Over two million Palestinians had been under completehumanitarian siege in Gaza for last 15 years, and it was very painfulfor the humanity in the last century. Thousands of people were beingheld, imprisoned and tortured in the prisons of Israeli settlementsand it was feared that with development of more such settlements, morePalestinians including children and women would be killed. He quotedour last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) that it is a duty of everyMuslim to rush for helping other fellow believers when they are introuble and call for help. Thus, the entire Muslim Umah must respondaggressively to the occupation and brutalities on innocent PalestineMuslims by Israel. Iranian Consul General condemned the suicide attackon the van carrying Chinese teachers of Confucius Institute , atUniversity of Karachi. On this occasion, he also condoled on the deathof Madam Bilqees Edhi , wife Abdul Sattar Edhi and remembered greathumanitarian services of the couple even in Iran during calamities. Hehoped that the relationship between the neighboring Islamic countriesof Iran and Pakistan would further strengthen with passage of time. That, Iran wanted to maintain better relations and coordination withPakistan under the new government led by Prime Minister MuhammadShahbaz Sharif.


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