Pakistan Banking and Finance Professionals in Kuwait’s (PBFPK) new executive committee paid a courtesy visit to the Pakistan Embassy


Kuwait: The PBFPK’s new executive committee members paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait. The visiting members included the following:
Mr. Mohammed Tariq Mirza : President
Mr. Ahsan Ashraf : Vice President
Mr. Fahad Zahid : General Secretary
Mr. Mohammad Saqib Aftab : Member, Investment Sector
Mr. Naeem Mirza : Member, Corporate Sector
Mr. Arqum Javaid : Treasurer and Joint Secretary
The members were well received by the Charge d’Affairs Mr. Faisal Majeed and the third secretary Mrs. Tehreem Ilyas. Mr. M. Tariq Mirza introduced the members to the embassy officials. Mr. Faisal Majeed congratulated the new office bearers and expressed deep desire to benefit from the expertise of this professional organization to work bilateraly to promote investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Mr. M. Saqib Aftab gave a brief background of the efforts undertaken in the past from the platform of PBFPK and the responses from concerned authorities in Pakistan.

Mr. Naeem Mirza highlighted the untapped avenues in the filed of IT where there is a great potential and requested the Pakistan embassy to help establishing contacts with the concerned persons in the Ministry of Information Technology in Pakistan.

Towards the end, Mr. Tariq thanked both, Mr. Faisal Majeed and Mrs. Tehreem Ilyas, for providing from their valuable time and assured the officials of all the required cooperation to promote Pakistani financial products and the investment opportunities being offered to overseas investors by the Pakistani finance sector and the government.


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