US decided to punish disobedient Imran Khan: Russia


Moscow: Russia has criticised the US for making “another attempt of shameless interference” into the internal affairs of Pakistan, adding that it sought to punish a “disobedient” Imran Khan. Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova said, “Immediately after the announcement of the working visit of Imran Khan to Moscow on February 23-24 this year, the Americans and their Western associates began to exert rude pressure on the prime minister, demanding an ultimatum to cancel the trip.” “When he nevertheless came to us, (presumable US official Donald Lu) called the Pakistani ambassador in Washington and demanded that the visit be immediately interrupted, which was also rejected,” she stated.” This is another attempt of shameless US interference in the internal affairs of an independent state for its own selfish purposes. The above facts eloquently testify to this,” Zakharova said.


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