Is PM Imran Khan facing same threats like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto?


ISLAMABAD: In his speech on March 27, the embattled Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the composure of former Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto besides hinting at the same ‘external’ threats then prime minister was facing in his tenure.

Yesterday, PM Imran Khan had shown a ‘threatening letter’ sent to him just like Zulfikar Ali Bhutto late showed a letter to the crowd 46 years ago and told his activists regarding the threats from some foreign powers.

He had also revealed that he has evidence of foreign hands involved in the attempts to topple the PTI government after the calls of adopting an independent foreign policy.

In the speech delivered on March 27 – 1976 in Lahore, Bhutto had praised the power of the Pakistani nation and said that the nuclear programme of the country was started for peace purposes besides vowing not to roll up the nuke project.

A year later, Pakistan National Alliance had launched an anti-government campaign titled the Nizam-e-Mustafa [Peace Be Upon Him] movement in 1977 which Zulfikar Ali Bhutto termed a conspiracy of the United States (US).

Recalling the past developments on the diplomatic front during Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) regime, PM Khan had categorically said that Pakistan would “absolutely not” allow any bases and use of its territory to the US for any sort of action inside Afghanistan. He made the statement during an interview with Axios on HBO in June last year.


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