Expressing Solidarity with Kashmiris


By: Khalil Ahmed Naini Tal Wala.
Pakistan has shown full solidarity with Kashmiris. It is clear to the world that Kashmiris are not alone. The struggle for independence of Kashmiris is supported all over the world. Achieved relief for Kashmiris or not? The answer is no, because curfew has been imposed in the state, not even the slightest leniency, since 9 million Muslims are under siege. Areas of Kashmir where rich Hindus live are exempt from curfew. Considering that people are playing with their lives based on religion which is not allowed in the world, Kashmir is a violation of human rights. Nevertheless, despite the wave of protests, nothing happened to the rulers of India because they are being reminded. Many countries of the world including Pakistan have demanded to send independent observers to Kashmir but India has also stopped its politicians from going there. But human rights activists somehow managed to get there and painted a grim picture of the situation in Kashmir. According to human rights activists, there is a graveyard silence in the entire state. The Indian Army is either resigning or facing court martial out of frustration over the situation. People in Kashmir do not see this situation but what will happen to those who endure such conditions? Pakistan protests end curfew in Kashmir or observers go to Kashmir. The four provinces of the country, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan and other cities celebrated Kashmir Hour, during which five minutes of traffic and one minute of trains were stopped. The purpose of celebrating this day is to stand with Pakistan and Kashmir. This day should be celebrated on every Friday. Curfew has been imposed in Kashmir from 5th August, the life of Kashmiris has become wages. The European Parliament has declared the situation in Kashmir a matter of concern. European Parliament declares Kashmir situation a matter of concern and calls on India to hold talks with Pakistan and restore the special status of Kashmir


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