Haider Umrani: A young, dynamic and enthusiastic Entrepreneur


Haider Umrani: A young, dynamic and enthusiastic Entrepreneur
Pakistan is a fortunate country in terms that its 60% Population consists of youth which is highly talented, energetic, charged and if proper guidance is provided to them they have the capacity to convert Pakistan into a dignified and developed one.
Haider Umrani is one of those Pakistanis youth who instead of running from pillar to post seeking job adopted a different and unique path for himself to become successful entrepreneur generating employment opportunities for other youth. To highlight his achievements, goals, targets and future programme, The News Lark had a special session with him and exchanged views with him. Mr. Umrani expressed his views straightforwardly and vividly with clarity in his mind about his goals and targets. Following is the outcome of our talks with him:-

The NewsLark: Mr. Haider Umrani! Please let us know about your educational and family back ground.
Haider Umrani: First of all I am very much thankful to The NewsLark which provided me a chance to express my views which I think would provide guidelines to youth who would like to utilize their talent, innovative skills and would like to turn into successful entrepreneurs which is the only viable way to convert Pakistan from a debt ridden country to a dignified, economically and socially strong country. Regarding my family background I was brought up in a small village of Hala, interior Sindh and for better prospects shifted to Karachi. After graduation like most of the other youth I started a job in a call center. Soon I realized that doing job has a very little scope and is waste of talent. It is not my destiny. I wanted to do something different, unique and special. I wanted my recognition and invested in business.

The Newslark: Did you face any difficulties becoming an entrepreneur?
Haider Umrani: Of course doing business is quite different from doing a job. An entrepreneur must be hundred times more responsible, diligent, hardworking, risk taker and innovative than an employee. Being an entrepreneur is a challenging task and needs extra ordinary care. So at the beginning I felt difficulties but I took it as a challenge and being an energetic youth I enjoyed challenging tasks. So, slowly and gradually I learned so many things and thanks to Almighty Allah that I succeeded and created a small enterprise.

The NewsLark: What businesses you are doing currently?
Haider Umrani: Currently I am doing multiple businesses but the worth mentioning is, “Vertex Solutions” a call center operator that also offers a variety of other Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO) and Customer Management Outsourcing ( CMO) services. By the grace of Almighty Allah the business is rewarding and is highly successful. My company was primarily giving services to the company which offered me a partnership. I accepted the offer and by the grace of Allah Almighty turned it into another successful venture.
The Newslark: You were also remained an employee and now turned into an employer. How do you treat with your employees?
Haider Umrani: I know for a successful, well reputed and high image business it is vital to treat employees very well. I consider my employees as my assets and I never ignore creating value addition into them. I provide them best training opportunities and these trainings are paid. This created value addition not only in employees but also in business. Besides I also believe and practices Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) business. Being an educated entrepreneur I know that we have our responsibilities towards the society and should do every possible effort to bring positive change in the society.

The NewsLark: What other interests do you have besides doing businesses?
Haider Umrani: Besides doing business I love travelling. I think one can learn a lot by travelling and it is an exciting experience. Travelling teaches you a lot and gives you unique experience.
The Newslark: What message would like to give youth who would like to follow your footsteps to become entrepreneur?
Haider Umrani: For youth I would like to advise them be patience, tolerate, hardworking, confident, innovative and ready to take risk if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. You must be punctual and know the value of time. If do you develop these qualities into yourself and firmly believe in Allah, be humble and Inshah Allah success would be yours.


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