Let us cheer for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics


The 2022 Olympics is going to be held soon in Beijing, China. Pakistan’s sports loving people envoys this and extends warmest wishes to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.
The US-led campaign of not sending officials to the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games has been viewed by the majority of the international community as exploiting the sports event for political purposes. The use of sports events as platforms of political pressure must come to an end. Politicizing sports will only create division.
politicisation of sports should be opposed and hopes that all nations would come together in Beijing and afford their athletes the opportunity to compete against the best and showcase their skills.
The 2022 Winter Olympics will be an important occasion to express the solidarity of global society against the COVID-19 pandemic and send a positive message that humanity will overcome the pandemic through joint efforts.The pandemic is undoubtedly present but the sports sector just like any other should be revived and sustained so that the effects of the pandemic could be contained.
China is preparing to make the Winter Olympics 2022 an ultimate success, a moment of pride for the successful hosting of the Winter Olympics after six years of winning the hosting bid. The participation of global leaders, including President of Russia Vladimir Putin apart from many other country heads of states at the opening ceremony, reflects the significance of the games that are beyond politics and divide. The World Health Organisation appreciated the arrangements made by China with the support from the International Olympic Committee for safe and secure international games.
China aims to uphold the traditional spirit of solidarity, peace, and friendship while continuing the high standards of management for the games and promoting friendship and understanding among people of the world.
We are confident that despite limitations imposed by Covid-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics would offer a spectacular and colourful gala to sports enthusiasts around the world.


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