Women’s tennis superstar Sania Mirza announces retirement


India’s first women‘s tennis superstar Sania Mirza has announced retirement declaring that the 2022 session will be her last on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old tennis star has been a role model for many. She made the announcement on the women’s doubles event at the ongoing Australian Open. She expressed that with time it takes her more to recover as maybe because she’s getting older.

“I think my body is wearing down. My knee was really hurting today and I‘m not saying that‘s the reason we lost but I do think that it is taking time to recover as I‘m getting older,” she stated after her opening-round loss.

While sharing the news Sania Mirza revealed that she has taken this decision also as a mother as travelling with her 3-year-old son is like putting him at risk.

The tennis superstar stated that, “There‘s a few reasons for it. It‘s not as simple as okay I‘m not going to play. I do feel my recovery is taking longer, I‘m putting my 3-year-old son at risk by travelling so much with him, that‘s something I have to take into account.”

Sania has won six Grand Slams and has reached the summit of the WTA doubles ranking in her career.


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