POA, Federations, Associations responsible for Pakistan ’s poor performance in Olympics: Dr. Fahmida Mirza


PESHAWAR:Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr. Fahmida Mirza has said that the Pakistan Olympic Association, Federations, and Associations were responsible for Pakistan’s poor performance in the Tokyo Olympic-2020-21. Talking to media men she blamed the POA for taking no steps as far as winning back name and fame for Pakistan. “Sitting from the last 17 years but did nothing for the promotion of sports in Pakistan rather working for their own interest instead of sports betterment,” she added. “We are working to have a new sports policy and after the implementation of the same, sports related issues will be resolved in a better way and through that Policy the government would be able to bring the derailed sports back on track to progress,” Dr. Femida Mirza added. Search for talent at schools and college levels would be made to promote sports and bring talent to the fore besides under the new sports police proper mechanism would be established so that we could be able to bring back our talented youth to the mainstream. “Pakistan is blessed with full of God gifted talent in all Games but the international politics and like dislike vanishes all such talent before it comes to the provincial and national level. It must be stopped and that is why steps have been taken in light of the vision of the Prime Minister who instructed us to take and safeguard the talented youth of Pakistan from such sports politics.” “We are going to introduce equal opportunities for the youth of Pakistan irrespective of indulging into Punjabi, Sindhi or Pashtun Politics,” Dr. Fahmida Mirza said. She said practical steps were being taken to promote sports across the country as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr. Fahmida Mirza said. Trials were underway in all provinces to bring out new talent. Introducing a transparent system which will promote sports across the country, she said. Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Fahmida Mirza said that the graph of Pakistan Sports had gone down for many years but the PTI Government has sincerely taken the steps to bring it up.


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