Landhi’s Star ground to become modern sports complex, says Murtaza Wahab


KARACHI: In his visit Friday to Landhi’s Sherpao Colony, city administrator Murtaza Wahab said the Star Ground will be built into a state-of-the-art sports complex. The newly-appointed Karachi administrator said there will be numerous facilities in the Star Ground including indoor and outdoor games services, family spaces, a modern lighting system using solar energy. In the briefing from the deputy commissioner of Malir district, Administrator Murtaza Wahab learned the Star Ground land comprises 16 acres. Murtaza Wahab said that water treatment plants would also be set up at Star Ground. The city’s top official said that the Sindh government has approved development works in the ground while work in Star Ground will be started in the next month. Murtaza Wahab, the former Sindh government spokesman and former legal adviser to Sindh CM, said the Star Ground would be a great gift to Landhi and adjoining areas. Separately from Karachi, the Commissioner of the metropolitan city has ordered yesterday to close five entry routes into the city for 30 days under Section 144. The Karachi commissioner directed to close five unfrequented entry points to Sindh capital Karachi for 30 days under Section 144. The closure orders were issued by the Karachi Commission Office. Earlier, Sindh Rangers had requested to close the entry routes between Sindh and Balochistan. The request to close the five inter-provincial routes was made to block the entry of miscreants into the metropolis.


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