Ballot papers for Sindh cantonment board polls reach Karachi


KARACHI: Ballot papers printing for election on 53 seats of eight cantonment boards in Sindh has been completed. The ballot papers, total 5,31,700 in number, have been brought to Karachi for the election at six cantonment boards in the port city and two boards in Hyderabad and Pannu Aqil, for the election scheduled on September 12. The voters in six cantonment boards of Karachi will elect their representatives on 42 seats. While, in Hyderabad and Pannu Aqil 11 members of cantonment boards will be elected. A total of 84 polling stations have been declared highly sensitive in Karachi ahead of the cantonment board elections. In Faisal Cantonment, 88 polling stations have been established with 18 declared highly sensitive and 54 as sensitive. The Korangi cantonment board has 16 very sensitive polling stations. Clifton and Karachi boards have in total 154 polling stations of which 41 are declared highly sensitive and 113 as sensitive. Nine out of 25 polling stations in the Malir cantonment have been declared highly sensitive while 16 are declared sensitive. Major political parties, including PTI, Peoples Party, PML-N and Jamaat Islami, have fielded their candidates for the polls.


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