PTI Leader Samir Mir Shaikh called on Governor Sindh Imran Ismail at Governor House.


KARACHI: During the meeting, issues of business community and their interests, development projects in the province and public issues were discussed in detail, as well as issues with the educational landscape of the province, given the past extensive closures due to lockdowns. Samir Mir Shaikh praised the Governor Sindh and Federal Governments efforts for being hands on with the issues that faced the public for many years, and their quick resolve in this tenure, especially imperative and pressing matters resolution such as Fire Tenders imports, and facilitation of development of Karachi, the hub of business, via the Federal Karachi Package. Samir Mir Shaikh expressed the business community’s appreciation for the federal government to the Governor of Sindh for their support and incentives in boosting the economy, trade and manufacturing sectors. Tax rebates owed for many years were cleared swiftly in PTI’s tenure, which is greatly appreciated by the entrepreneurs of the province. Samir Mir Shaikh and Governor Sindh discussed the Completion of the ongoing development projects in all the districts of the province including Karachi within the stipulated time and their positive impact on the workforce of Karachi. Samir Mir Shaikh PTI Leader thanked the Governor Sindh for his dedication and always being on the forefront of every issue that needs a voice.


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