Pakistan’s security agencies vigilant to respond enemies’ threats: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Thursday said that the Pakistan Army was proficiently accomplishing its responsibility to safeguard the country and performing duties on borders to protect every inch of the motherland. Talking to media persons, he said that Pakistan’s security agencies were vigilant to respond any threat from enemies. Pakistan Army was deployed at the borders, he said, adding that the forces were monitoring movement along the divide. The minister said that the whole nation should be proud of having such professional security agencies and their sincere contribution for the country. “We had sacrificed more than any country of the world with loss of lives but still our morals are high with having world’s most professional and sound army,” he added. Sheikh Rashid said, “We expect great respect and honour from the international world on these sacrifices just for maintaining peace and stability for the entire world. We are the major contributor for maintaining peace in the region and no one can even think of bypassing us.” The minister said, Pakistan was a responsible state and would fulfill its responsibility of national security while meeting international expectations as a major country of the region with the objective to strengthen peace in Afghanistan. He said that Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) were in state of stress on facing defeat in fulfillment of their plans. Sheikh Rashid said that it was sign of satisfaction that there was no sign of crisis or bloodshed in Afghanistan and situation seemed under control. He said that Pakistan was supporting the foreigners’ evacuation after takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan on humanitarian grounds. The minister said that the the government of Pakistan had allowed 600 Japanese while it would grant 21-day transit visa if anyone asked for. He said that Pakistan would welcome all those foreign nationals, stranded in Afghanistan. Sheikh Rashid said that Islamabad Police were being revamped to ensure security to citizens of federal capital and control law and order. He asked the Islamabad Police to beef up its Eagle Squad. Responding to the announcement of a long-march to Islamabad, Sheikh Rashid said, “This will be treated as per law and constitution, which they truly deserve.” He said the timing of their gathering plan was not appropriate as they were unaware of the prevailing changing regional political situation. The minister said opposition parties had nothing to convince people and if they opted for an election campaign, they would have to face historic defeat.


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