Breaking boundaries or shackles – Imran Khan’s concept of success is ‘innovation & originality’


ISLAMABAD: From breaking boundaries in the field of cricket to assuming premiership, Imran Khan has a formula to success – Original thinking, free from the subjugation of mental complexes.

A leaf from his golden cricketing era pictures Khan as a youngster from a humble Pakistani team, who was never ‘overwhelmed’ by the splendor of western cricketers, but instead relied on giving his best in the field.

Imran Khan on several occasions recalls that starting his first-class cricket at the age of 16, he never agreed to the prevailing notion among his mates that ‘western teams could not be beaten’. Instead, he says, that he always encouraged the ‘boys’ to come out of such complexes and believe in themselves.

The spirit of self-reliance and belief in oneself then drove Khan, the skipper of Pakistan cricket in 1992, to win the World Cup with a team dubbed as average by the critics of the time.

In politics as well, Imran Khan pursues the same strength of mind and will.

To the nation facing the challenges of social disparity, he, as a prime minister advises them to let their minds free from the mental slavery of other cultures.

“Subjugated minds can never achieve something big. Only innovative and original thinking can win you laurels,” he said recently at the launch of the uniform national curriculum, the first-ever in the country’s history.


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