Murtaza Wahab revives City Wardens to fix Karachi’s traffic jam misery


KARACHI: ) The newly appointed city administrator Murtaza Wahab has Thursday revived the dormant City Wardens as he takes notice of the ever-deteriorating traffic jam situation in the metropolis. The veteran Pakistan People Party (PPP) leader and ex spokesperson of the Sindh government who was recently made Karachi’s chief, has taken notice of the persistent woe of Karachiites and said he will not tolerate any negligence on part of traffic management. Will personally oversee the postings of city wardens, Murtaza Wahab said. They must be present on the city roads doing their work, the administrator said. Separately for Karachi, The Sindh High Court directed earlier today the city commissioner to fix the milk price within 30 days. A bench of the high court while hearing a petition about hike in milk price also ordered the commissioner to submit a written assurance in the court about solution of the price issue within one month. The court also warned of contempt of court proceedings if the milk price would not be fixed within a month. “The court had fixed the milk price at Rs 94 per liter but the dairy farmers and retailers charging Rs 130 per liter,” the petitioner’s lawyer informed the court.


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