Sorrowful departure tinged with ceremonial arrival


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ultimately had to resign and will eventually quit his office on 14th day from yesterday not upon completion of his term but because of sexual allegations from many women both working now or worked before which he has always denied and denied with authority saying that he has never ever crossed red line and did not touch any female inappropriately but, nevertheless, at the same time some investigations had already been started many months before to dig deep the truth so that the governor is not accused just for mere accusation rather, on the contra, it must be proved quite categorically that VIP did indulge in sexual harassment as reported by as many 11 women.

Days before, President Joe Biden when has received quite credible reports from many quarters wherein women have accused the governor of sexual harassment, the President who is a personal friend of the governor, had to say it aloud advise that under the given circumstances the best option for the governor is that he must tender resignation to quit instead continuing when his reputation has already been dented for many months since the first lady announced it publicly that the governor is very fond of harassing women, kissing and groping.

President has even praised Cuomo and said, he has done hell of jobs.

Let me quite hurriedly say that in same USA even the highest ranked Presidents have been accused of sexual charges and latest in the list is former president Donald Trump against whom porn star Stormy Daniels (her real name is Stephanie Clifford) alleged that she had an affair with Donald Trump way back in 2016 at Lake Tahoe during the celebrity golf tournament but Donald Trump just brushed aside such sexual accusations against him. Many other women also have accused alike but Trump never ever acknowledged any such allegations.

A few past presidents have been very grossly accused of not just verbal or physical harassment but much more than that to be honest, unexpected and unimaginable to be honest. They have been accused of having sex with slave women in particular whereby the presidents have fathered few children as one. One president was accused of marrying someone before her divorce documentation could be completed. However, Bill Clinton tops the list in a sense that his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky had been the most burning topic in the streets for months as everyone had been talking and discussing it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo when had been circled with so many sexual accusations all around from different women, he had no option but to clarify his stance to let the dust settle down. Cuomo came out to rescue and defend himself saying, First, I want you to know directly from me that I never touched anyone in appropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. I am 63 years old. I lived my entire adult life in public view. This is just not who I am and that is not who I have been. But it did not work out as he wished and tried and the fire so lit already, could not be extinguished as he wished, rather on the contra, as the bad luck had it, a thorough investigation had been started against him instead.

New York Attorney General Letitia James headed the investigation teams tasked to call the concerned persons, collect their answers to the questions posed to them, go through all the documents, photos and other such like evidences to finally conclude if the governor has been mistaken or not. Around 200 persons have faced the investigations and got their words recorded while thousands of documents including emails, hand written notes have been taken into account while lot of photographs too had to be viewed. At the end of the day, on Tuesday 10th August Attorney General Letitia has released the report saying quite categorically that after thorough investigations it has been proved distinctly that the governor is accused of multiple charges namely unwanted groping, kissing, hugging and passing inappropriate remarks.

Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins months before had said that since so many women have complained against the governor, Cuomo must tender his resignation for his face keeping as she was afraid that the process on his impeachment could be initiated to oust him from prestigious Governor office which would be much insulting and must be avoided if possible but Cuomo was not moved at all and did not even think of tendering resignation.

New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Fund (NYSTPBA) President Thomas H. Mungeer is very angry on Gov Cuomo for all that what he did with women employees. He went on to say The NYSTPB also applauds the bravery of our member, who when called upon during this investigation was truthful and had the courage to share her experience. Undoubtedly all those women who were too junior to governor did not feel awed to publicly accuse the governor for all that he has been doing with them. It is also the greatness of Cuomo that he did not take any punitive action who accused him alike which even cost him his job.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares says that governor resignation does not absolve him of the charges levelled against him and he has asked general public to come forward and report to him if Cuomo has annoyed anyone on account of sexual harassment. He says that Cuomo is likely to face criminal charges.

Now when the report is released Gov Andrew Cuomo had to swallow the quinine tablet and announced that he has tendered his resignation and he will quit Governor office in 14 days’ time. Needless to mention, Cuomo not only wanted to complete his term till late 2022 but also had decided to seek at least one more term, if not more, to continue governing the State of New York as governor but alas he is to quit. In fact, he had even thought of contesting for presidential election as he has desired to move much higher and one day he eventually be in Oval Office and White House. Now in televised address he said, in my mind I never crossed a line with anyone. But, I did not legalize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. He also maintained that he kisses and hugs both men and women but devoid of any sexual tinge. I apologize and apologize deeply. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, House of Representatives, Senate leader Chuck Schumer and two other senators had been in fore front asking the governor to quit since may women had complained against him.

Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Courtney Hochul shortly known as Kathy Hochul, aged 62 has obtained JD from Catholic University of America (1983) is basically a native of Buffalo who is presently working as Deputy to Gov Andrew Cuomo will take over as New York Governor the moment Cuomo quits the office. She is creating a history in a sense that she will be the ever 1st female governor of New York. She led the campaign Enough in Enough accusing Cuomo of sexual allegations. She said, I agree with Governor Cuomo decision to step down. It is the right thing to do in the interests of New Yorkers. Kathy tweeted and her words were, as someone who has served at all levels of government and is next in the line of succession, I am prepared to lead as 57th Governor of New York State. She has law degrees to her credit and she had very roaring practice and ever since she has been working very closely with Cuomu, she knows all ins and outs about the State of New York and she has already won the hearts of New Yorkers through her efforts and actions for the betterment of New Yorkers.

Democratic Andrea Stewart-Cousins who is presently Senate Majority leader will step in as new Lt.Gov in place of present Lt Gov Kathy Hochul who is being elevated as Governor once Cuomo quits the highest public office of State of New York. Andrea will be second in command for the period unless the governor nominates someone to man Lt Gov office and most likely it is expected of Kathy that she will not appoint any new face to be her 2nd in command and instead may ask Andrea to continue as Lt. Gov.

It is quite unprecedented in the history of New York State that it will be governed and led by two women, repeat two women namely Kathy Hochul as Governor and Andrea Stewart-Cousins as Lieutenant Governor.

LESSON! Untouchables must not be touched, and red line must never be crossed, repeat untouchables must not be touched and red line must never be crossed, otherwise even ordinary employees not only globally defamed highly placed governor but also shattered his fanciful plans to be future President of USA.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /


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