Instead of blaming Pakistan, direct energies to resolve issue, says Foreign Office


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri on Wednesday said all energies should be directed towards solving the Afghanistan issue instead of blaming Pakistan for it. His statement comes as the conflict in Afghanistan intensifies, with the Taliban seizing eight cities in a week and heavy fighting continue between Afghan forces and the Taliban in Helmand and Kunduz. In a statement released earlier today, Chaudhri highlighted the importance of Afghanistan’s peace for Pakistan, adding that Pakistan’s sacrifices in the Afghan peace process are innumerable. “Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan,” Chaudhri stated. He added that the Foreign Office is ready to work with all parties to bring peace to the country and that Pakistan has “no favourites” in Afghanistan. Chaudhri further stated that the three important milestones in the Afghan peace process — The Taiban-US peace agreement, intra-Afghan talks, and agreement on rules and procedures — were all achieved by Pakistan’s cooperation. Regarding Afghan forces, Chaudhri stated that the US Department of Defense has revealed that Afghan forces have “more modern weapons, airpower, and numbers than the Taliban.” Chaudhri said it is very important to reflect on why the Afghanistan army is weak. Regarding the solution to the Afghan problem, Chaudhri stated that there is no military solution to the crisis in Afghanistan and that Pakistan does not support one either. Chaudhari claimed that factions from inside and outside Afghanistan are undermining the Afghan peace process, adding that the people of Afghanistan do not distrust Pakistan, rather, certain elements do so.
Chaudhri concluded that these elements will not be allowed to affect Pakistan-Afghanistan relations.


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