Pakistan did not progress as rapidly as it was supposed to: PM Imran Khan


KARACHI: (Hannan Ali Narejo) Prime Minister Imran Khan said Tuesday that Pakistan did not progress as rapidly as it was supposed to, citing money laundering and corruption as major drawbacks. The prime minister said this while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Ship Lift and Transfer System at the Karachi Shipyard after arriving in the city on a day-long visit. “Since I grew up side-by-side with Pakistan, let me say on this occasion that we [country] were not able to progress and reach our potential as we were supposed to,” said PM Khan. The prime minister said instead of standing on their own feet and using their genius, Pakistanis lost their way. “We became an import-led economy and Pakistan started relying on foreign aid,” regretted PM Khan. Towards the end of his speech, the premier expressed happiness that Pakistan was finally on the path to achieve prosperity, paying tribute to Chief of Naval Staff Amjad Niazi for taking the initiative to launch the Ship Lift and Transfer system.


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