Rape, a horrendous crime flourishes in Pakistan


Rape itself is the dirtiest and most unwanted act which I will discuss from different angles and perspectives digging it in depth simply because very much regretfully during the recent past in my own beloved Pakistan the rape is no more a simple rape which was noticed decades back, rather over the years, the crime has been magnified to its maximum limits which anybody can even think of. Moreover, many rapes are not reported because the victim just curses her fate and keeps quiet than exposing her alike.

Just I googled to check as to which are the worst countries at global level so far as rape is concerned, I realized that among 10 most leading countries in rape, Pakistan is not included which is a matter of pride for us to some extent. South African tops the list where 66,196 rape cases are reported among its 100,000 people followed by Botswana where out of 100,000 people 1,865 are reported to have been raped. In India, on average 87 rape cases were reported in the year 2019. However, these countries are not Muslim countries so it is a matter of great shame for Pakistan that being a Muslim country we notice rape cases which is really very shameful for us if inner conscious is not dead.

At the outset, I must clarify that here all males are not rapists, as some people may construes alike, but yet some of us do commit such crime who are being mentioned over here. Teacher be in school, college or university rapes his students despite the fact that our elders have taught us right when we started schooling that a teacher must be respected like spiritual father but, alas, the teacher stoops down so low from the status of father committing the crime. Employer enjoys sex with his employees. Doctor also takes a chance with his patient. Cousin indulges in sex with cousin in any case and one can add as many categories as one likes to prove the crime.

Unfortunately, a new category of rapists named pedophilia has cropped up who are much interested in raping a child instead of an adult. Small primary school-going girl is gripped while going to school or coming back from her school and raped at his place. At times, the girl playing outside her house is captured, taken away to a far off place to rape her. Girl who steps out of her house and goes to next door grocery shop to buy candies, chips or toffees is pounced upon by a scoundrel to satisfy his sexual urge. The victim is small, weak, and tender both in age and physique and thus the poor simply can neither defend herself nor can ward him off. The beast rapes her many times and in most cases the poor child is severally injured and to animal even kills the child to conceal his heinous crime.

My goodness! Sarcastically speaking simple rape is no more allowed and if anyone is found committing simple rape, he will be very heavily punished both monetarily and physically and consequently in pursuit of so-called modernization and development in my beloved Pakistan, simple rape is now successfully replaced by gang rape or group rape or even multiple perpetrator rape where two to any number of men form a group and once one finishes his lust of rape, the other rapist jumps on her and when he is done third in waiting takes his turn and likewise, one after another, sexual intercourse is performed and the poor victim is raped in continuity which at least I cannot describe any further the ordeal she faces at the hands of the animals. The rapist tries to be more savage and aggressive in raping the candidate and enjoys her shrieks and more she cries more wild he turns in action. The rapist also wants to impress upon his gang members that he is more barbarous, beastly and brute in his sexual actions. Once the rapists are sexually exhausted, they will either kill and dispose of her body in a manner that none knows about their crime but if luckily, she is not killed, then the scoundrels will threat her not only to kill her alone but her entire family as well if at all she vomits the story before her parents or to police.

Shame and utter shame now the devils have bluntly and ruthlessly dared to go farther to rape the lady, not in solitude but even right before her husband, parents and or even children. I am not a zoologist but yet I will describe what I have seen. During the mating season, normally 3 or 4 dogs run after a bitch but only one can be lucky to be with the bitch and once a dog is in action with the bitch, extra dogs just leave the scene instead of watching what the dog and bitch are engaged with but, alas, my compatriots have crossed the simplest decency as displayed by dogs and thus the rapist pounces on the poor female in a manner that the rape be seen by the naked eyes of her husband, parents and her children which is even beyond imagination, to be honest.

Most of the time, the wicked rapists will not only film the rape in action but also photograph her naked to blackmail the victim purely at his sweet will and the poor female is too helpless to awe the rapist. The scoundrel will dare to call her to come to him again for sexual intercourse but if she says no for sex, then the rapist threatens her to expose her photos both in action and naked. Many times, the rapist will even reach the victim asking her to pay him quite handsome money and if she says no then the rapist threatens the girl saying that he will expose her sexual activities on social media.

The worst and the darkest aspect of rape is that the poor victim is not acceptable to any male to wed simply because all male want a virgin to wed but ever since she has already lost her virginity at the hands of the rapist, she is doomed to remain unmarried which is awfully too killing, to be honest, but what to do otherwise. Isn’t it too mean on the part of the rapist asking for a virgin to wed when he himself has raped so many virgins?

Every alternate day, if not daily, we read rape news in our beloved Pakistan right from one end to another rape. In many cases, the rapist is not arrested or arrested after big gap in between. After a few court attendances, the rapist is not only released but has even been given clean chit by a court of law as if nothing had happened which is very much regretted to tell you the truth.

PM Imran months back suggested that chemical castration be carried out on all the rapists but, I believe it will not be that effective and perhaps a few will be awed from castration and, therefore, I very strongly suggest that instead, the penis cutting be introduced where the penis of the rapist be cut and only one-inch sized penis is left with him so that he can just urinate and nothing beyond that whatsoever. However, this punishment must be announced at least a week before execution, telling the general public to come to the place on such a date and time to witness penis cutting which must also be shown live on all channels whereas large television screens be erected all over the cities and towns so that maximum general public can watch it live.

Don’t forget that the crime rate was very much reduced when President Gen Ziaul Haq ordered flogging in public and, therefore, unless and until we cut the penis in public rape and show it live, rape will not even slow down what to talk of eliminating it. Decades, not years have passed, thousands have been raped, many rapists are even jailed but, unfortunately, one way or the other, rape incidents are increasing and not decreasing at all very well quite emphatically proves that our present judicial system to punish rapist has miserably failed, if not annoying.

Question which must be answered and not ignored come what may. When a court declares that after going through all the papers, hearing the witnesses, cross examining the rapist, court comes to conclusion that the accused is innocent and releases the rapist, will the honorable court also issue a certificate to the victim declaring her virgin again? It is also reported that once a rapist is released from jail, he rapes again means what?

Try the litmus test as I have suggested that if today 9th August, 2021 one penis is cut publicly and shown live on all our tv channels, I can bet on my life, that from tomorrow 10th instant rape percentage will be drastically reduced and once this is repeated alike two or three times in all cities and big towns, rape will absolutely, consummately and utterly eliminate from my beloved Pakistan right in September, if not present August.

Will opposition to PM Imran including PML (N) led by Maryam or Shehbaz and PPP guided by Zardari and Bilawal oppose me also on penis cutting?


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / zaidi.formerdiplomat@hotmail.com


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