Lock down butchers the poor of the poorest


Next coming April, 2022 province of Sindh will face unimaginable and unprecedented growth simply because none but Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has imposed compulsory lock down throughout the province which, I can bet on my life, will eventually bring tears instead of smile to be honest. Honestly speaking, many times lock down had been clamped ever since the notorious Corona had hit, therefore, it is not the very 1st time that lock down is introduced in Sindh but, each time it had been a bit soft type of lock down meaning by that neither the public nor the government were so very serious, to observe and implement it hence, its fall out and repercussions though happened but the same simply could not be so visibly noticed but, ever since, the present lock down for 9 days from 31st July to 8th August, 2021 is quite strict and the violators are punished the therefore, consequently, after some months, each and every potent married male or female resident of Sindh, will notice the outcome of the lock down and then neither the private sector nor public entities will be able to attend and handle the exceptionally explosive situation to tell you the truth.

Globally speaking, leaders in each government, in the greater interest of their respective population, had been obliged, not happily of course, to enforce not just lock down but in some cases punctuated it with curfew as well, of course varying in its duration and intensity, to minimize and counter the onslaught of the notorious coronavirus whereby quite a sizeable human lives have been saved due to the measures and steps the governments have taken in this regard otherwise the picture had been too dark and gloomy if one realizes. Did CM who very proudly slapped lock down, despite opposition from Islamabad, realize even for a fraction of a minute as to what could be the consequences of forced lock down on a daily wage earner in particular and, commoner in general, of course excluding all those who carry big purse? Under the given very peculiar circumstances I, will have to say at the pitch of my voice, even if it is annoying for those who belong to our power corridor, that CM should have very judiciously calculated and worked out as to what extent the poor daily wage earner and low paid employees will be effected when the poor of the poorest are very much compulsorily confined inside their houses for none of their fault.

Truthfully speaking, the rich are also compulsorily obliged not to step out from their huge palaces, vast villas and luxurious apartments but to remain within their four walls all day long but they are truly most blessed and fortunate souls in a sense as that they are fully equipped with different entertaining gadgets namely television, internet, mobile, books and magazines and they are not that bored and bothered as to how to spend their 24 hours inside their residences but yet at the same time the rich did not waste the golden opportunity not to be inside their bedrooms with their wives hence, quite but naturally, in turn their family size will increase after the stipulated pregnancy months, for sure.

What a sheer bad luck for those numbering in thousands, not hundreds, daily wage earners and or low paid employees living in houses, mud houses, huts and hutments throughout Sindh have been forced to be confined inside their places on a daily basis for continual 9 days right from dawn to dawn. Poor of the poorest, cannot even think of in day dream to have mobile, television, internet magazines in any case, therefore, how such a big lot kills their 24 hours and that too for 9 days in continuity is the most baffling and trifling question? They are also human beings exactly like the rich ones and want to bring a smile on their faces but how to smile when they are facing miserable financial crunch? The poorest married couple have no option but to resort to temporary matrimonial pleasure and, therefore, the bulk majority of their married women folk will eventually conceive and deliver babies after nine months.

Aren’t those most respected acclaimed commentators, columnists, experts and leaders have themselves at their own proved to be too ignorant and grossly mistaken since they have too loudly proclaimed, at all media outlets both local and international that due to notorious corona, world population will considerably be shrunk because so many thousands have already died and many more are yet to die but, alas, they did not think it at all that, in fact, post lock down period will definitely witness that thousands of new babies will be born all over the face of the earth which itself proves in quite crystal clear terms that now global population will be increased and not decreased.

Generally, it is believed that 35% people of any country are married. Sindh population is 47.89 million (4,78,90,000) which include both single and married but for my calculation, even if I base my study on 10% as against 30%, the figures will be astronomical so I go the extreme lowest saying that only 1.5% (7,18,350) of total Sindh population is married and from this figure, I exclude .5% (99,450) on account of being old, sick, separated, impotent and barren etc meaning by I am left with 1% (4,78,900) active married couples bifurcated as 239,000 husbands and 239,000 wives. I deduct another 10,000 wives who must be experiencing menses, so now when 229,000 wives are with their husbands in bed for continual 9 days, these wives will conceive during the lock down. Let me pose an acidic question that in May 2022, when these women numbering to 229,000 complete 9 months stipulated period, will then CM Sindh be fully toned and geared up to meet the exodus of babies? I have my very serious doubts that Sindh has so many hospitals, maternity homes, both public and private to cope up with such like gigantic and alarming influx on new babies.

In all fairness and in the greater interest of my fellow compatriots, I advise CM that he must now immediately embark upon increasing the beds and related facilities in gynecology / maternity so that when April-May 2022 comes, there are all the facilities available to welcome newly born babies otherwise we are doomed for sure.

Crunch, crush and crux is that the poor of the poorest parents who, due to paucity of funds, did not eat two mail meals of a day for many long months, are now beholden and burdened to feed an extra mouth but how is my absolutely easy-peasy, straightforward question to none but Chief Minister of Sindh Murad to please spell out as to what logistics he has chalked out to meet the new challenge and how does he solve the new problem which cropped exclusively due to lock down imposed by CM? I personally opine that CM must announce that all new born babies in the poor of the poorest families will be paid monthly stipend of not less than Rs5,000/ to feed the new arrival for a minimum10 years, if not more.

Raise your right hand if you second me and raise your left hand if you oppose me but then please you ought to put forward your arguments to belittle me and not otherwise.

Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / zaidi.formerdiplomat@hotmail.com


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