Attack on Hindu temple is a slap on our both cheeks


This is absolutely awfully shameful, disgusting and terribly wrong and absurd on the part of we Muslims to desecrate and damage the religious place of Hindus which we are ought to protect and not damage instead, unless and until we have turned none but nakedly lunatic and lost the simplest religious, moral and social sense that temple for Hindus is as scared place of worship as mosque is for Muslims, therefore, under what pretext and authority, if at all any, my Muslims brothers could even dare to resort to such rowdiness is my quite sharp, appropriate and nakedly blunt question to all those who directly and indirectly are believed and found to be instrumental in contributing and playing a role to earn absolutely very bad name and dent reputation of Pakistan not only within the country but overseas as well?

We must not forget even for a fraction of a second that Pakistan constitution, which is the superior most document for the country, very categorically and emphatically states that within the territorial limits right from east to west or for that matter, south to north in Pakistan all the citizens of all religions and beliefs are equal in its strictest sense whereby neither a Muslim is more privileged than a Hindu and likewise nor a Hindu is superior than a Muslim. Constitution also spells out quite distinctly and that too without the slightest shadow of doubt that all Pakistanis irrespective of their religious and beliefs have complete freedom and liberty to practice their religious practices the way they wish and none whosoever has any right to hate anyone on the basis of his / her religion whatsoever.

Some days back, it is alleged that a Hindu boy aged 9 years old in calamitous mood very much unfortunately urinated in a seminary which very much obviously Muslims did not like and Muslim were too much infuriated on such activity of Hindu boy and, therefore, local police was contacted by Muslims about such shameful incident of the Hindu boy who was quite naturally arrested by the police of the area and put him behind the bars to face a court of law to undergo the punishment as per the court judgement and the boy, under the reference, after spending many days behind the bars has eventually been released on bail which could not be swallowed by my Muslim compatriots in any case and they took it to their heart as to why and how the boy has been released as they had opined that the accused may not have been released at all and instead be locked up for maximum years if not till death but instead a court of law had released the Hindu boy on bail which my compatriot Muslims simply could not devour, gulp and digest it whatsoever.

As the news of Hindu boy released on bail came to the knowledge of the Muslims of the locality, they simply could not assimilate and digest it, and instead, decided to show their anger as to why and how Hindu boy could be released and that too after couple of weeks, not fortnights, months or years for that matter and ever since the Hindu boy had been so very hostile and disrespectful to the religious place of worships of Islam, therefore, the Muslims men and boys of all ages of the locality decided in one voice to very violently protest against release of the boy, hence, they picked up whatever one could get hold of whereby they had sticks, stones, bricks, rods and crowbars with them as they advanced not individually but as a mob towards the Hindi temple located in their locality and the mob without caring the least as to what could be the consequences of their such bad intentions and actions, as they have taken the laws in their hands to attack the temple.

It was free for all as the Muslim mob were too ruthless and destructive that they vandalized the temple the way it pleased them. They broke open the gate to forcefully enter the temple where they damaged the glasses, furniture and fixture all along and pulled down lights and curtains etc. They then ransacked the glass show cases where Hindus have placed the statues of their gods and eventually the Muslim mob took out all the idols found therein and they broke those idols to pieces which, quite naturally ignited Hindu community but they being too less in number simply could not help stop such vandalism.

Hindu elders had a meeting on the issue and it was decided that Hindu delegation will see the management of the seminary to tender their unconditional apology to the Muslims about what had happened which will not be repeated in future in any case. They also tried to convince Muslims that Hindu boy being just 9 years old could not appreciate that he must not urinate in seminary which is a place of worship. They also said that the boy is a bit mentally challenged as well.

MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Chairman, Pakistan Hindu Association met Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmad and explained him as to what had happened. CJP felt too annoyed knowing that a Hindu temple has been attacked and he assured MNA that justice will be dispensed and all those found guilty will be quite suitably punished. CJP immediately took it up at his own and called Chief Secretary and Inspector General of Police to appear before him in the court and explain as to why and how it could happen alike. CJP was too annoyed and asked IGP as to where was the police and how police failed to stop and control the mob? Justice Gulzar posed a bitter question as to how we Muslims had felt if a mosque was demolished instead? CJP was informed that Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent Police reached the place and took remedial and punitive actions. Justice Gulzar very much lamented to say that three days have passed and none is arrested and he ordered IGP to come back with full reports on next hearing and all those who demolished will have to pay for the restoration of the temple.

PM Imran also took cognizance of the incident and said it is really very bedeviling, galling and peeving to see that it happened alike. He announced that his government will build the temple to pacify and boost the morale of Hindus. He has also ordered police to immediately arrest all the culprits and present them before a court of law

I pray, not just wish, that such like incident is not repeated and echoed again in my beloved Pakistan.


Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait /


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