India doomed to fail in distorting Kashmir’s historic identity: FM

Newly-appointed Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi addresses the media on his first day at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad on August 20, 2018. (Photo by FAROOQ NAEEM / AFP)

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Wednesday said India was doomed to fail in its attempt to amend the historic identity of Jammu and Kashmir, as the voices of oppressed Kashmiris were growing stronger with time. Talking to media persons, the foreign minister said India would have to rescind its illegal acts of August 5, 2019 where it had deprived the Kashmiris of their special status. Qureshi said besides Occupied Kashmir, the voices from within India had started emerging against their government for pursuing the policies of violence in the Valley. He said today’s India was contradictory to the spirit of secularism and democracy as envisioned by its own leader Mahatama Gandhi. He paid sacrifices to the Kashmiris for their relentless struggle and undeterred commitment towards realizing the goal of self-determination. Qureshi said India was shying away from implementing the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council as it knew that Kashmiris would not support the oppressive government. He said India’s refusal to allow the visit of international media persons to Occupied Kashmir was in violation of the norms of democracy. Qureshi mentioned that the people at both sides of the Line of Control were united against India’s persistent violation of human rights in Occupied Kashmir. However, he said, a prudent segment in India dismissed the policies of its government that were based on hatred and radicalism. He stressed that the Kashmir dispute was a main hindrance in normalizing Pakistan’s ties with India. The foreign minister said the United Nation conducted discussions on the issue of Kashmir thrice in a year as result of Pakistan’s efforts of highlighting the matter at international level.
He expressed confidence that Kashmiris with their resolve would attain their goal of right to self-determination and would not succumb to the pressure of India. On August 5, he said, people across Pakistan would express solidarity with their Kashmir brethren.


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