Sindh govt to run 24-hour vaccination centres in each district of Karachi


KARACHI: Given the alarming surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the metropolis, the Sindh Health Department has decided to run at least one round-the-clock vaccination centre in every district, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Qasim Soomro said. Soomro said that the 24-hour vaccination centres will be operative at the Central District Children’s Hospital and the New Karachi Hospital. The Expo Centre and Dow University’s Ojha Campus will be operative in District East, while the Khaliq Dina Hall and Jinnah Hospital’s vaccination centres will be operated round the clock in District South. Soomro added that the Government Qatar Hospital in District West and the Murad Memon Hospital in District Malir will also operate 24 hours a day. Vaccination centres in District Korangi include the Sindh Government Korangi No. 5 Hospital. “Arrangements for 24-hour operation of hospitals are being finalised, Qasim Soomro said. Meanwhile, the coronavirus positivity rate in the metropolis reached 23.79% in 24 hours, a spokesman for the Sindh Health Department said Sunday.


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