Murder not before & not after but on Eid eve has a message 


How to start from where to start with what words and or adjectives, or more truthfully, why to pen on such barbaric, cruel, cold blooded, heinous and gruesome murder is my question to none but my own self but still my inner moral conscious very much pricks and obliges me to thrash out the particular and very peculiar case of Miss Noor Mukadem aged 27 daughter of former ambassador Shaukat Mukadem who has been killed in truly posh locality of Islamabad on 20th instant by Zahir Zaki Jafar, US national and son of a business tycoon on purely its own merit from different quite diversified angles, perspectives and questions in a serious and totally focused attempt to dig deep as to what are the possible and tangible contributing factors and or reasons which eventually led to her death and that too very wild, savage and in most ferocious uncivilized manner to be honest? Noor horrendous murder, not before and not after, but right on Eid eve is a crystal clear and loud message from the killer so that her parents cannot celebrate this Eid and following Eids as well, till they breathe their last.  
Former Ambassador Shaukat Mukadem is the father of Noor and, therefore, in the given circumstances at the very first instance I should start from him and his wife whom I blatantly and totally blame, if not annoying them, simply because here none but the parents are directly and absolutely responsible for allowing their daughter Noor to befriend with Zahir Zakir Jafar but on what reason and rhyme. We must not forget even for a fraction of a second that our religion Islam quite categorically forbids such like intermixing but yet her parents allowed her to be with Zahir is totally not understood by me at least. What could be the prudence and rationale, if at all any, as to why did they allow Noor to meet Zahir?  It was not her very 1st meeting with the accused rather in fact they have been meeting since long which was very much known to her friends as well. Even for academic discussion if at all we presume that Noor and Zahir were to marry but still it does not give any license and right to Noor to meet Zahir unless until the two have been married matrimonially. Ambassador and his wife must have been too proud to know that their daughter Noor is liked by Zahir who is a millionaire if not billionaire. I very much doubt that neither the Ambassador nor his wife can answer my simplest question as to why did they allow Noor to meet Zahir? 
To me, Zahir parents are also sharer to some degree in a sense that religiously speaking they being Muslims ought to have stopped their son not to commit such a big unpardonable sin by meeting Noor but very much surprisingly they have never ever thought alike and shunned their son to stop such sinful meetings. They also did enjoy an inborn prerogative to very bluntly, nakedly and directly tell Noor right on her face that from now onward she should not meet Zahir under any circumstances whatsoever. Let me be quite sharpened, aloud and blunt to pronounce that Zahir parents may be feeling too excited duly punctuated with over enjoyment to realize that their son is very fond on Noor who is the daughter of none but an ambassador who is a highly placed bureaucrat in any case.  However, knowing very well that their son has been jailed in UK, the parents should have kept an open eye on him and even told house servants to be vigilant as Zahir may become violent at some time but they took it too easy which resulted so horrendously which none could even day dream. 
Lately, Zahir admitted that he had called Noor to his place to meet him since the very next day he had a confirmed seat to fly back to USA.  She very happily agreed to meet him and went to his house. Noor called her parents saying that they should not worry at all as she is going to Lahore with her friends for a day or two only which is not true but why did she lie before her parent is a question? What transpired between Noor and Zahir is very much shrouded and quite unclear but nevertheless they must have had developed some bitterness among them whereby Noor jumped out of a window from first floor and ran off but unfortunately the gate was locked. She sought help from servants working at the house but they just kept on seeing but did not move an inch. She took refuge in guard room to be safe from Zahir clutches but he broke open the door and dragged her back to the room where he hit her hard with knuckleduster and knife killing her instantly but still his anger did not cool down so he used a very sharp big knife to sever off her head from her body which is too much ferocious even to mention what to talk of describing the same. 
Zahir, it goes without saying, is not an ordinary person from any angle whatsoever rather, on the contra, he has very strong nerves and stamina which not many can boast alike I can very well bet even on my life to be honest. Not most men can see human blood and many even will faint seeing human blood but Zahir who used a knife to chop off Noor head from her body has proved like steel-hearted man simply because instead of running away from the crime scene he remained very much near the dead body drenched in blood. He called Noor parents saying them that she is not with him which is a white lie in any case. Some of Noor friends came to his house to see if Noor is with him but he went to balcony, waved weapons and scolded her friends to go away otherwise he would harm them as well. After killing Noor, he called his father informing him what he did. He called a friend of his father saying, I am in a terrible fix. Please help me. Come to my house immediately. He called yet another person and said robbers have entered our house. I am alone. He called his female friend uttering this is life-or-death situation. He called Therapy Works as well who reached his house to find out that he has murdered Noor. No denying the hard fact he called different persons giving reasons proves that he was desperate to come out clean. It is reported that very next day Wednesday 21st July he was booked to fly out to US but his sheer bad luck that he could not materialize his plans and was caught by police on the same day when he murdered otherwise being back in USA, he had been far too away from our police and then in Pakistan people could only condole and lit candles. 
Senior Police Superintendent, Investigations Ataur Rehman has issued a very categorical statement, saying that Zahir at the time of arrest was as normal as anyone else. He was not at all intoxicated whatsoever and he was not nervous and shaky either in any case which all the more proves that despite murdering Noor and being arrested by police, Zahir did not lose his facial posture and was completely in his senses. Even when police brought him to court, he was quite normal and walked at his own like any other person walks and even inside the court he did not show any sign of nervousness itself very well proves that he is very hardened-heart person which is quite rare to tell you the truth. 
Police has recovered all the weapons found at his house namely knuckleduster, pistol and knife establishing the hard fact that Zahir had more than one weapon to kill Noor and he would have used the second weapon if first has failed and likewise the third weapon had been used if second one had failed and hence there was not the slightest possibility for Noor to escape her death at the hands of Zahir. Police is trying to get reports on him from UK and US authorities as well. Couple of days’ back Jang newspaper reported that Zahir had been jailed in UK. 
His parents and two domestic servants are also arrested for hiding the evidence and they are being interrogated to extract maximum relevant information from them but one way or the other, the parents are still very much reluctant to tell the hard truth but I am pretty sure that eventually they shall to explain it in plain and truthful manner. 
Zahir, I presume, may say that I had very heated arguments with Noor who then tried to pounce on me to seriously injure if not kill and, therefore, in self-defense I had to killer her. Lately he confessed before police that he has killed Noor at his house when she came to meet him as per his request. I am afraid later on he may eventually change his statement saying that police told him that if you admit the murder, you will not be physically tortured any more so under duress only and not otherwise I admitted killing Noor. After four days, he told police where he kept his and Noor mobile and now police will try to extract relevant information from both mobiles. He had been giving different reasons to police as to what happened and since he often changed his statements, Police had to take him to Lahore for conducting polygraph test so that real truth can be dug out and he may be able to tell lies. He falsely tried in vain as if he will be faint but he did not know that police are more sharp and smarter than him. Today on 31st instant, he was brought by police to the court of law where prosecution asked the honorable court to still extend remand by another three days since new evidences and circumstances have cropped up which need extensive investigation to build up the case on its proper lines. Jaffer lawyer, quite naturally, objected to remand extension saying that the accused is already with police for so many days which must be reasonably enough to complete examination and investigations but the court simply ignored what Jaffer lawyer pleaded and instead, on the contra, it further extended the remand for subsequent two more days and ordered that he be produced with all the relevant documents and investigations on 2nd August to proceed further on its merits. 
US Embassy official has met Zahir simply because he is a US citizen and it is an open secret that US embassy always reaches US citizens as and when they are in trouble for one reason or the other, therefore, in this case also it be very much believed that US embassy extend all the possible legal and logistics assistance to Zahir through the lawyer engaged by Jafar and perhaps it is feared that in due course of time he will be declared as an innocent and set free to fly back to USA leaving behind my nation just to condole and lit candles only. 
Lawyer vs lawyer is the present situation now to be truly honest.  Lawyers very well know as to how our judicial system works and what are loop holes and ins and outs which can very rightly be capitalized in favor of the client Who wins and who eventually loses the case is to be seen. Noor father has engaged an advocate to get Zahir punished to the maximum while Jafar has also hired a lawyer so that his son is absolved of the heinous crime and court does not award capital punishment to hang his son to death. We must have enough patience not to be hyper and instead wait for few months, if not years, for the court verdict. 
Iqbal very solemnly prays that this must be the very last case of murder in my beloved Pakistan and therefore, my all-female compatriots be minor or adult, single or married, rich or poor, living in city or village must feel fully secured and none at all faces fate like Noor Mukadem, aameen. 
Crux of the matter, though quite bitter, vinegary and acerb is that we Muslims in Pakistan must never ever allow our sons and daughters under any circumstances whatsoever to intermix their children alike unless and until not only females very proudly believe and profess and her parents fully second the slogan Maira Jisim Mairi Marzi 
            Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / 


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