In my beloved Pakistan Unbelievable must be believed 


How to start and from where to start is the dilemma to be very honest, I am facing at this point of time though there is already a struggle going on between myself and my inner moral conscious as to why should I pen on this or in other words what prompted me to pick up a fountain pen and write on the subject which is too much insulting, utterly shameful and very much downgrading from all angles and perspectives in any sense but yet, one way or the other, I could prevail upon my inner moral conscious and eventually decided to pen my candid opinion on the subject even if some of my most respected compatriots both male and female are annoyed to some extent?
The Express Tribune newspaper captioned the news as Bestiality: five booked for raping a goat in Okara. Images of Dawn titled it as Should animals wear modest clothes too social media asks after goat gang-raped in Okara? Both have expressed and highlighted the crime in their own style but yet they did not suggest the remedial steps which I will mention in subsequent paragraphs.
From time immemorial, we the human beings, have very well read and lot of times heard too that all over the globe right from east to west and south to north, male whether white skinned or black, governor or governed, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, tall or short, single or married, student or teacher, patient or doctor, employer or employee had primarily enjoyed sex with females with her consent or even without her consent all around a year during summer, winter, autumn and spring and that too without caring the least if it is night or day, the nefarious activity had been practiced and even being practiced alike today as well not only in my beloved Pakistan or Kuwait where I am living since 1978 or Saudi Arabia where I worked during 1976-78 period or, for that matter, any other country or territory on the face of earth, as the case may be, rape is too often reported in newspapers, magazines and television as the case may be. 

No denying the hard fact, that for centuries in continuity without any break in between, men for reasons known to them only, had resorted to committing unnatural offence as well which means that in such case a male instead of fucking a female has fucked male, again with his consent or without, and though percentage wise this activity is lesser than raping a woman but yet it is very much being enjoyed and practiced even at this point of time when I am writing the article, male is fucking male in almost in each and every country and territory, of course, varying in numbers and frequency. 

Each and every country be it Western or Eastern has certainly formulated very strict laws and regulations to curb such unlawful activity whether involving a male fucking a female or a male fucking a male as the case may be, the rapists are definitely to be punished in any case and it is an open secret that many who have been accused of rape in different countries were not only jailed for some years, not months in any case, but have also been fined monetarily depending upon the seriousness and the circumstances of the case.
Buckle up! I, in your own greater interest, want you to be strong, rather extra strong enough, to know something very much shameful which I am too ashamed to even mention but still under the given circumstances I am left with no alternative but to narrate it which is very much annoying and surprising news that some of my compatriots have stooped down so low that it is literally even very shameful to call them human, like you and me to be honest and if, I have not read the news myself, I may not have even believed such news but yet this an undeniable hard fact that 5 men have raped neither a woman or girl nor even a man or boy for that matter, as many of you may be thinking alike, but in this particular case none but a goat has been raped not by buck (male goat) but by men, repeat men who unfortunately are Pakistani Muslims like rest Pakistanis.
Aggrieved goat owner residing in Okara reported the incident to local police stating that on24th July at 1100 hours Naeem, Nadeem, Rab Nawaz alias Sonia and two other unknown persons untied his goat in front of his house and took it to a deserted place where all the five men not only raped the goat but also injured it so severally that it died on the spot and seeing that someone looking for the goat is very much near, they jumped over the wall and ran off so that they are not caught red-handed. The poor owner took the dead goat to a veterinary clinic where after the examination it was confirmed that the goat was raped and injured which caused its death.
ASI Sultan Usman pursuant to the complaint lodged by the goat owner on 25th July, 2021 using the book serial no OKA-STG-001914 has registered FIR no 228/21under Pakistan Penal Code 154 mentioning the name of the above three accused and two more unknowns wherein the complainant has demanded that the accused must not only be jailed for the crime they have committed but must also pay him money amounting to Pak Rs 60,000/ towards the price of the goat.
Please be honest, rather dead honest, to tell me on oath if you have heard or read such like news before, which at least, I did not despite being aged 78. I need not elucidate as to what had been the reaction of non-Pakistanis on the news except that they must be spitting on us to read such unprecedented news to tell the truth.
Now police will search for the accused and if caught they will be produced before a court of law where witnesses will be called, lawyers will put forward their arguments both for and against, and at some point of time either all five or less may be jailed or some of them are jailed and liable to pay Rs 60,000/ as well and though on the face of it the case has ended and goat owner gets the money to buy another goat but to me this is not the end of the case in its truest sense. Thousands of rapists are jailed but rape is still being committed proves that our present judicial system has utterly failed to stop rape.
Take a deep breath and do not exhale unless as to release the breath. I suggest that under the given very peculiar situation the authorities must announce that on such and such date, time and place all the five rapists will be brought and all those men who are interested to rape them must get themselves registered and reach on time to rape the rapists and after rape, their penis will be chopped off so that they are unable to rape anyone hereafter. The whole process will be shown live on all tv channels so that the other rapists are instantly awed and they dare not even think of raping anyone in my beloved Pakistan.
Try the litmus test, as I have suggested and I can very safely say that rape will be stopped forthwith, at least for few weeks if not months, which itself will be quite successful because each day rape is reported in Pakistan.


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