Sindh secretariat’s education office to run with 50% staff amid covid riot


KARACHI: The Sindh government has Tuesday announced cutting down 50 per cent of staff attendance in the secretariat’s school education and literacy department as the Covid numbers have shown a dreadful spike in the province. The department of education in Sindh secretariate will continue with 50 pc attendance while the remaining half shall operate remotely, a notification to that effect confirmed. The notification rolled out by the education department today said the staff shall be on rota starting from 27 July and those present in the office shall adhere to the SOPs, wearing masks and maintaining social distance. All of the staffers will have to be vaccinated and will furnish their certificates to the department. Additionally, it said there will be no visitors to the department due to Covid incidence. It said the field offices of the school education and literacy department will have to abide by the same instructions. Separately, as Covid mars Sindh hospitals’ capacity to deal with routine OPDs and elective surgeries amid infectivity hike, the advisor to the CM on law and environment Murtaza Wahab said talks with private hospital managements underway to hammer out a plan for bed increase. He said in a tweet earlier today that the provincial government is in talks to assess the situation cropped up by Covid incidence following the task force meeting huddled.


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