Born on same day: Larkana’s family included in Guinness Book of World Record


LARKANA: The family of Ameer Azad Mangi of Larkana was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as all nine members of the family were born on the same date. The Guinness World Record has issued a certificate to Mangi acknowledging the record in this regard. Larkana’s Ameer Azad Mangi, a teacher by profession, and his family have made history as all nine members of the family were born on August 1. Mangi, his wife, and his children were all born on August 1. Mangi also got married on the same date, August 1. This is the only family in the world whose all nine members were born on the same date while an Indian family of five persons, who were born on the same day is on the second position. The family consists of Ameer, the father, Khudija, the mother, and seven children: Sindhoo, Sasui, Sapna, Aamir, Ambar, Ammar and Ahmar with ages ranging from 28 to 17. They have two sets of twins, two daughters born in 1998, and two sons born in 2003.


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