Woman caught on camera torturing mother in law in Karachi


KARACHI: In an unfortunate incident, a woman was captured on camera allegedly torturing her mother-in-law in Karachi’s Joharabad area as both of them could be seen exchanging heated arguments. According to the video shared online, a woman could be seen thrashing an old lady multiple times as a girl tries to save her. “Please stop! Don’t do this to grandmother!” the girl saving the woman could be heard in the video as the suspect tried to drag her mother-in-law by feet besides also exchanging a heated argument. After going viral on social media, the police authorities took notice of the video and identified the woman tortured as Rashida Bibi. A team of women police was also sent to the home of the victim in Joharabad, an area in district Central of the city. The police said that the suspected woman has fled the home as legal action is under consideration in the matter. In another incident involving the beating of a mother in July last year, a Rawalpindi man was caught on camera severely beating his mother and sister in Sadiqabad area over an alleged financial and property dispute. According to reports, the incident took place on Tuesday night over a financial and property dispute that ended up with a son beating his own mother and sister, while his wife just stood by. After outrage on social media, the Rawalpindi police lodged a case against a man named Arsalan and his wife Bisma for beating the former’s mother severely. The case was, however, later withdrawn by the mother who said that her son, Arsalan, and daughter-in-law have apologized to her over their behaviour. They have submitted an affidavit, Gulnaz Bibi said while announcing that she would not be pursuing a case against them.


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