Self love Impact


Self love Impact
Written by: Isra Soofi
A lot of people are confused about themselves. They obsess on the negative qualities that they perceive in themselves and they completely miss out the thing that really makes them unique. The only power that you will always have within yourself is that no one is you. And no one can take that power away from you except you. If you’re confident about yourself there is no one that can make you feel insecure. When we’re children we have all the confidence in the world. We let our bellies hang out, we don’t care about how our hair looked or what or how our face should look in order to feel pretty or acceptable to the society. We just danced and played . And sometimes these things happen that make us question ourselves about how our body looks, what can i do to look pretty as to what society has labelled “pretty”. Somebody says something offensive to you and then you doubt yourself over and over again until the day you loose all your confidence all the faith you started with. But what if we didn’t let those mean comments get to us. What if we made our self stronger than that. What if we didn’t care what people would think about how we looked? What if we never lost that confidence that we once had. What if when someone tells us that we aren’t good enough we have the strength and wisdom to say that I’m better than all of that. Im me and I’m beautiful in every possible way I can be. And there is nothing that can make me feel bad about myself. Because no one has the power to do that except you yourself. Be happy with the way you look. Show off that beautiful soul of yours. Imperfection is perfection. The models and celebrities you see everyday showing off their bodies have gotten through major surgeries and photo shopping to look a certain way. And even after all those filters, photoshopping and surgeries they’re still insecure about the way they look. The best thing you can do is to be confident with the way you are. Learn to love yourself. Learn to be happy within yourself. Once you learn that you’re the only person that can help you, you won’t suffer the pain of losing yourself for people. Every single one of you is beautiful in your own way, love yourself through all the negativity around you and be happy with who you are.


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