Police halt Shikarpur operation, vow to launch targeted action 


SHIKARPUR: Police have suspended anti-bandits operation in Shikarpur vowing to launch a targeted operation to purge the area of criminal elements soon. SSP Shikarpur Tanveer Tanio said on Monday that the Shikarpur operation was put on hold but soon a targeted operation against bandits would be launched. He vowed to take action against facilitators of bandits. He also promised to go after those who were supplying ration and ammunition to the bandits. He informed after the launch of the anti-bandits operation in Shikarpur last week, police managed to clear some katcha area and drove bandits to Pakka area. However, some dacoits still holding in Katcha area, he added. He showed his resolve to arrest these criminal elements soon. The law enforcement authorities on Friday continued their operation against dacoits in Garhi Teghu and the Katcha area of Khanpur. As many as 200 shelter places belonging to bandits were burnt down. The police set up their check posts in the troubled areas. Commandoes who were called from Karachi also participated in the operation. Armoured Personnel Carriers were also used in the operation. Police took control of all riverine areas. Dacoits who used to occupy this land illegally and harvest their crops, the police almost cleared this land. On Thursday, the federal and Sindh governments decided to work in unison to restore peace and security in the province in the wake of a fierce attack by bandits on police personnel in the Katcha area of Shikarpur.


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