Shaukat Tarin rules out increasing power tariff in near future


ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin on Sunday rejected speculation that the government was increasing the power tariff in near future.  The minster was speaking on the upcoming budget at a webinar where he highlighted the importance of exports.  “The prime minister has promised the nation that we will not increase the power tariff,” he said, adding that people were already burdened with inflation.  He spoke about the importance of increasing the quality and quantity of Pakistan’s exports. “Exports, exports and exports,” he said, stating that they were the key to the economic progress of a country.  The minister said the government was focused on achieving targets for sustainable economic growth and on reforming the energy sector in Pakistan.  Tarin said an increase in Pakistan’s productive capabilities would aid in economic stability whereas an increase in a country’s foreign reserves was reflective of its economic recovery.  Shedding light on the upcoming budget, the finance minister said the government will provide incentives for the agriculture sector, adding that those who pay taxes will not be burdened with additional ones.  He said the government will introduce a third-party audit and universal self-assessment system to ensure the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) does not harass citizens.  He credited PM Imran Khan for taking major steps to bring about Pakistan’s economic recovery. 


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