Murtaza Wahab inaugurates vaccination centre at Karachi University


KARACHI: Provincial Adviser Murtaza Wahab on Saturday inaugurated COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at the University of Karachi. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the COVID-19 vaccination centre for the university’s employees, provincial adviser called the people to prove the anti-vaccine propaganda wrong with practical action. “In Sindh around 1.2 million people have been vaccinated so far,” Wahab said. “People should avoid believing the fake WhatsApp messages,” he appealed. “Health is the a gift of the God but the Almighty also command to take care of one self,” provincial adviser said. “The government forced to impose restrictions in view of the health situation, if the people want to do away the restrictions they should follow the Standard operating procedure (SOPs),” he said. “People have got themselves vaccinated in parts of the world where the restrictions are now being relieved,” Murtaza Wahab said. “In United States 70 pct people have been vaccinated”. “The government has established 250 vaccination centres across Sindh,” Wahab said. He lauded the efforts of the front-line health workers against the coronavirus pandemic. Talking on distribution of the river water among the provinces, Murtaza Wahab said, “We are not agreed with the 1991 water accord and have reservations over it till now.” “But even this water agreement not being followed,” he complained.


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