Sindh has always faced injustice in water supply, Murad Ali Shah


KARACHI: Talking about the water shortage in Sindh Assembly, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah said that the British did not do so with Sindh, as it is now. CM Murad said that Pakistan being lush with water, still its core province is facing a shortage. He also urged that the water of Sindh was stolen today. Everything about water management is available in the Library of Sukkur Barrage, Wapda said under the agreement of 1945, which states that “we would provide water to the all provinces according to their needs but Sindh has always faced a water shortage problem. 3 lands of river were sold and Sindh was always been kept away from it. Even today, the old stand of Sindhis should be given irrigation water, we do not want to see our people to suffer. Murad also said that cases of old water should also be gone through once again as lack of water supply is becoming more and more crucial for Sindh.


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